Water Deficiency Declaration - Update

Published: Monday, 6 April 2020 at 4:33:52 PM

Water Deficiency Declaration – update

A Water Deficiency Declaration has been declared for parts of your Shire. A declaration is made after continued dry conditions deplete on-farm and local community water supplies.  The Government is now carting water for emergency water supplies for animal welfare needs. Please note the following details:


  • only registered farmers can use the carted water;
  • registered farmers are required to notify the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation or your Local Government if rain is received or you destock;
  • routine audits for registered users will be conducted by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation;
  • registered users can access water from the tanks via a 3” camlock fitting and must bring their own pump;
  • the water is for emergency stock water only; and
  • if you require spray water please contact the Shire for the location of appropriate scheme standpipes.


If you need to cart water for livestock and are not a registered user as part of the Water Deficiency Declaration, please call the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 9841 0100.

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